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18-20g coffee to 250-300ml 89-90°C (Fine Grind)

Preheat v60 and rinse paper filter

Add coffee and bloom with 30ml for 30 seconds, Stir to ensure all grounds are wet.

Start one slow continuous pour, making sure not to touch the sides. Circular motions, it is important to agitate the bed of grounds with your pour, so a steady, even pour is crucial. Finish pour before 2:00 min

Stop the extraction at 2:00 min (may still be excess water in v60 but that's ok)


CHEMEX 3 cup

20g coffee and approximately 250-300g water.

Wash filter and heat chemex with boiling water. Then discard water

Place coffee in filter and roughly level out.

Bloom coffee with 30ml of water for approximately 30.

Once coffee is bloomed pour remaining water over coffee in even concentric circles not touching the filter with the pour.

Gently and lightly stir coffee once upon drawdown ensuring not to over agitate the coffee and leave to extract.

Discard filter. Total brewing time should take around 2:30mins to 3:00mins max.



15g Coffee - 230ml water 90°C

Pre-heat Aeropress in the inverted position, rinse paper filter in cap

START: Bloom Coffee with 30ml for 30 seconds, stir once

            Pour 200ml in circular motion, stir twice

            Screw on cap and filter, remaining in inverted positon, press out remaining air

            Place in pressing position on sturdy jug or cup

            Press down steadily for 30 seconds

            Total Brew Time 2:00 min



250ml water to 17.5g Coffee (Coarse Grind)

With pre-heated brewover and pre wet filter

Place coffee in, with valve turned off.

Bloom with 35ml for 30-40 seconds, pour remaining water in even circular motion.

Stirring twice at 1:30min and before 2:00min

Open valve at 2:00. Release will take 1 to 1:30 min

Total Brew time 3:00 to 3:30

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